Antonietta Collins Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In the year 1985 and on November 22, Antonietta Gonzales-Collins took birth in the city of Mexico. Also, Antonietta is one of the top-notch TV journalists who cover sport-related news. And, she is mainly renowned for her best program on ESPN channel that is SportsCenter.

Early Life and Career of Antonietta Collins

Antonietta’s career interest developed in the field of sport at a young age. At the age of 10, Antonietta began her career by learning soccer games and seeing her outstanding performance in the sport; a national team of Mexican approached her to join their group.

But Antonietta did not get into an expert in soccer sport, but she loves to play soccer till now. After her parents went to the USA, Antonietta joined a high school of St. Brendan in Miami. After that, Antonietta got a matriculation degree and went to a college of union mount. She completed her education in communication as well; in the 2007 year, she also obtained a sports management degree in Bachelor of Arts.

However, after graduation, Antonietta started participating in school sports and played soccer on behalf of the women’s soccer group.  Next, Antonietta emphasized her career on a media platform. And then Antonietta was called up by a Univision organization of media to work as assistant of media.

The physical appearance of Antonietta Collins

By 2023, Antonietta will have reached the age of 37. She is not just rare in the media because she is a woman working in a mostly male business but also because she is a member of a racial minority. Collins has a towering height of 1.76 metres and a respectable weight of around 59 kilogrammes. The Mexican-American news anchor is around the same height as other sportscasters, such as Jamie Little and Maria Taylor. Collins’s long black hair and dark brown eyes are likely the major characteristics that contribute to her attractiveness.

Antonietta Collins’s Professions in the Media and at ESPN

During Collins’s time at Univision, she appeared on several programmes that were syndicated throughout the country, such as “Primer Impacto,” “Premios Juventud,” and “Nuestra Belleza Latina.” In addition to her employment at Univision, she was offered and accepted a permanent job at a radio station that broadcasts CBS Sports in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was able to report on both the professional ice hockey club for the state, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the professional American football team for the city, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because of her job.

Additionally, she has covered the Bulls football games played at the University of South Florida. After working for two years behind the scenes, she was offered her first on-camera role as a member of the news team Univision Noticias 48, which is linked with Fox2 News. She reported on various themes surrounding the Texas–Mexico border, including immigration, drug trafficking, and other issues.

She also did weather and sports reporting and was an anchor for Deportes 23, where she covered significant athletic events, including the NBA playoffs and the MLB postseason. 2013 was the year she began her career as a sports journalist at ESPN, the preeminent sports network in the world. She subsequently established herself as a regular contributor on “SportsCenter,” the network’s flagship program, where she reported on major league sports taking place around the United States.

Meet Antonietta Collins’s mother, Antonieta Maria

On the other hand, Antonietta’s mother became well-known in her home country of Mexico in the 1970s when she began working as a reporter and host for various news shows. This was a significant time before Antonietta built a reputation for herself in the United States. After beginning her career as a journalist at the Spanish International Network (SIN), where she reported on general news and MLB teams, she joined the Univision Network as their Mexico Correspondent after being hired by that organisation.

The following year, she announced that she would be leaving Univision to become the host of the morning show “Cada Dia” on Telemundo. The large number of books that she has produced throughout the course of her career might be directly responsible for her expanding riches. Her writings “Dietas y Recetas de Maria Antonieta,” “Dijiste que me querias,” and “Quien dijo que no se puede?” are among her most notable works. In addition to that, she writes a column for a newspaper chain in Mexico once a week. After her tenure at Telemundo came to an end, she immediately resumed her journalistic career for other media sites. She is a vocal supporter of both the cause of cosmetic surgery and the rights of animals.

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Personal Life of Antonietta

Antonietta is unmarried as of now, and she doesn’t say anything about her family and personal matters. According to a book written by her mother, Antonietta had a boyfriend earlier, and she became a domestic violence victim by her boyfriend once.

However, Antonietta is a pet lover, and she had lots of pet dogs at her home. Besides, Antonietta is also updated with fashion, and she loves to carry several branded and stylish bags. Antonietta is meticulous towards her fitness so that she attends the gym every day, and she has also donated to several charities and joined marathons.

Get to meet Antonietta Collins on social media

Unfortunately, the Mexican-American sportscaster’s social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram (@antoniettaespn and @AntoniettaESPN) have been disabled. Nevertheless, you might continue to communicate with her over Facebook. Antonietta Collins, the younger sister of Emma Roberts, an American Horror Story actress, and a previous Nickelodeon star, has amassed many followers over the years. Given that she has 115 thousand followers on Instagram and is well-known for taking amazing photographs, she has access to a sizable audience that may potentially employ her services. Antonietta Collins has almost 6,000 Facebook followers; you can use them if you want.

Net Worth of Antonietta Collins

As per a dependable report, Antonietta’s net worth of Collins is calculated more than $200,000. Although, Antonietta got such a source of income from her excellent work from her job.

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