Anson Williams Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

With the full name of Anson William Heimlich, he was born on September 25th, 1949, in the posh city of Los Angeles, located in California, USA. Hence, by this info, we can say that he holds American nationality and comes under the zodiac sign of Libra. He has been a successful actor, and his success saw new heights for the role of Warren Potsie Weber in the television series which ran for decades, named “Happy Days.” 

Education And Childhood 

Born in a Jewish family, he had the little Heimlich before getting it changed to Heimlich. From a young age, he wanted to become an actor, and hence he spent most of his leisure time watching movies or television serials. Studying at Burbank High School, he completed his matriculation. His grades were excellent, but after matriculating, surprisingly enough, he chose to focus on acting rather than getting enrolled at any college. 

The Career of an Anson Williams

Anson Williams cannot become the right actor away, so he has to work hard to gain more money to support him financially until he starts his career. In 1971 Anson Williams began his career in the acting field when Anson Williams appeared in the MC Donald commercial alongside John Amos. This commercial show has been a great help to Anson Williams in the way of noticing by the film industry. After Anson Williams created a good appearance, he was selected for the role of Potsie Weber in the television media; a comedy web series entitled “Love, American Style.” After this film series of Anson Williams, he was involved in part of the Television series “Happy Days,” which made him a very popular and famous television series. In this show, the first season is mainly dependent on the lives of Potsie Weber and also based on his father, Richie, who is played by Ron Howard. This role is very helpful in Anson Williams gaining more recognition in his career, which may lead to the growth of his fan base. More than that, in her final seasons of the series, Anson Williams met his future wife or his first wife.

His Bitter Days With “The Happy Days” 

Anson and his four more friends who had been a part of the “Happy Days” television series once sued CBS, the only owner of the show, as they allegedly complained that the CBS Network is not paying the due money they deserved for acting in the show. Even the guaranteed cash they should have received is being jammed by the owner, not giving them any payments for their hard work. According to the contract, they must have received at least five percent each from all the show’s profits. After the case went to court, CBS said that all owe nothing but only 9000 dollars each. The case ended, however, with each of the five people receiving 65,000 US dollars each, and along with that, it was made sure that CBS will have to continue to pay them 5% from their total Happy Days merchandise sales. 

Upcoming films of Anson Williams

The series of “Happy Days” is ending as soon as possible. Then Anson Williams moved to the directing field, and luck of Anson Williams has been working on short programs such as “No Greater Gift,” which was made for children in 1985. Furthermore, in 1986 Anson Williams made another short film, “The Drug Knot.” The directing skills of Anson Williams were noted as soon, so he got an opportunity to direct a famous or popular Television series for some years, namely “Beverly Hills 90210”,” Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” as well as several other films.

As soon as possible, Anson Williams became an actor and movie director, and then moved to another field, such as business. More than that, Anson Williams and his friends in the “Happy Days “ television series combined to start a restaurant. But unfortunately, the restaurants have been closed for many years from the start. After that, Anson Williams tried to plan another business. He founded a new company named Star Maker Products Company, and also Anson Williams became a spokesperson. In April 2008, he spoke at the US Patent and Trademark Office National Trademark, which was held. More than that, he is a writer, as he wrote a book which is titled “Singing to a Bulldog: From Happy Days to Hollywood Director and also The Unlikely Mentor Who Got Me There” and also published this book during his career.

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Relationships And Personal Life 

He is a secretive person regarding his love life and never shared too much of it, but as he is a famous personality, things like that automatically pop out often in the form of rumors. He had married twice in his life. He met his first wife when he was still a part of the Happy Days, named Lorrie Mahaffey, and they married each other in November 1978. Later, they gave birth to a child whose name and gender is not known. Their marriage hardly lasted for not more than eight years, and their relationship was crumbled in 1986. Then a couple of years later, in 1988, they married Jackie Gerkenand; their marriage is still intact, and it is running for 33 years now. The couple had four children together. Therefore are no further controversies regarding him and his love life no more ever since. 

Presence of Social Media

Anson Williams started his account on Twitter on September 2014. Suppose he has 2,300 people of followers at present and has tweeted on the account which is more than 70 times. When coming to his last tweet was done on 18 May 2015. When moving the Instagram account of Anson Williams, he had only 66 followers, of which he uploaded a single picture. At the same time, his fan page on Facebook will have likes more than 1,000 people.

Net Worth And Appearance

Anson is now a 70 years old man. He has short black colored hair and blue colored eyes. His height and weight respectively are 178cm and 65kgs. His net worth is around 2 million US dollars. 

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