Anna Louise Plowman Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Not only the famous stars of renowned series such as “Agatha Christie’s Marple” and “Father Brown,” Anna Louise Plowman is the wife of another well-known actor, Tony Stephens. By the end of the year 2019, she played the exquisite role of ‘zola’ for her new Netflix release, “The Witcher.”

Family And Childhood 

On 9th May 1972, Anna Louise Plowman took birth in Napier, a place in New Zealand; therefore, her zodiac sign happens to be Taurus. Her family, parents always supported her and helped her chase her childhood dreams to become an actress. She took acting lessons and music classes from a very early age. 

Life As A Student 

From the Collegiate School Of Samuel Mardsen, a Wellington located school, Anna did her matriculation in 1989. She then went to the prestigious London Academy of Dramatic Art and Music, and then in Paris, she enrolled herself to the LecogSchool. 

Career As An Actress Till Now 

With minor roles, she started her acting career in 1995. In that same year, she got the part of Beverly in the television series “Faith In The Future” and then the role of a fairy in the 1997 fantasy drama “A True Story: FairyTale.”From the years 2006 to 2008, she got many roles in movies like “The Foolish Things,” “Sleeping Murder: Agatha Christie’s Marple,” and “Force Ultimate.” Among her very latest roles came all in 2015-16 like “Brown Father,” “The Show Of Eichmann,” and “Ransom Billionaire.” 

Rise to stardom of Anna Louise Plowman

However, the hard work of Anna Louise Plowman in 2008 paid off, and she was chosen for one of the most popular places or roles after 2008. Anna Louise Plowman has played the role of Anna Louise Plowman lese Carson for the necessity of a TV drama series titled “Holby City.” Anna Louise Plowman has debuted for some of the series and episodes, such as in 2008, and in 2012, she was featured in 38 episodes that have been as award-winning film series. After that, Anna Louise Plowman has been continued with great winning success as a first step for an Anna Louise Plowman. Then she starred in dramatic films such as “6 Bullets,” a kind of action crime thriller series in 2012. Next to that film, she acted with Jean Claude Van Damme and Joe Flanigan. IN 2012, Anna Louise Plowman has played in the role of Brooke in the film series which is titled as “Candle to Water” is a drama film. After that film series, Anna Louise Plowman has not stopped staring at characters in other upcoming movies or films. In that same year, the title of “Billionaire Ransom” was an action drama film series can be starred by Anna Louise Plowman in the role of Emily Titon Scofield. Similarly, she has starred in the Television drama series titled “Black Sails” in that she has played the role of Mrs.Hudson. Black Sails consists of 15 episodes before the series is going to finally. At the most recent update Anna Louise Plowman starred in the role of Zola in the new series titled “The Witcher” in 2019, which can be released in the Netflix series. In this, Anna Louise Plowman starred with Freya Allan, Henry Cavil, and Anya Chalotra.

Personal life of Anna Louise Plowman husband

The famous actress of Anna Louise Plowman husband name is Toby Stephens. He was born on 21st April 1969 in place of Fitzrovia, which is located in London in, England. Toby has completed this schooling in the Aldro School, and then further, he finished college in Seaford. After that, he started to attend classes at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDAL). Their career of toby started in 1990 with the role of Oliver in the

Series of “The Camomile Lawn” in 1992. He played a role in another film titled” Orlando” as the role of Othello in that same year.  in 1996, the Title “Twelfth Night or What You Will” is a kind of romantic comedy film series in which Toby has starred as an Orsino, and also he has starred in the a film such as “The Tenant of Wildfelll Hall,” which is a mini-series that has been starred along with Tara Fitzgerald and Rupert Graves. His career become very much successful and has decades such as Photographing Fairies in 1997 and also a crime drama series such as “Sunset Heights” in1999 with the role of Lansky in the title of “Onegin” and also co-starred with Ralph Fiennes and also with Live Tyler.

Talking About Her Role Of Zola

In 2019, Anna Louise was cast for two episodes of the very new Netflix series “The Witcher.” The episodes were called “Before The Fall” and “Much More,” with her character of Zola, the wife of a farmer named Yurga. The Zola character according, had a different name in the Andrzej Sapkowski series book. It was called Zlatulina. 

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Anna’s Personal Life 

Toby Stephens and Anna Louise married in 2001 after quite a few years of dating. They met for the first time in the London Academy of Dramatic Art And Music as they both were students there. Their first child was born in the year 2007, Eli Alastair, a son. Their first daughter, a second child, was born in the year 2009, named Tallulah. As of yet, their third and final child was born in 2010 September and was named Kura. 

The Philanthropic Side Of Anna 

Anna Louis is known for her several charity deeds alongside her husband, Toby Stevens. The once in 2002, donated a signed copy of their film script “In Vitro” to raise money by auctions for the fire victims in Australia. 

Appearance And Net Worth 

Anna Louise has natural curly blonde colored hair and blue colored eyes. With vital statistics of 32-28-34, her height and weight respectively are 180cm and 65kgs. As of late 2020, the total estimated wealth of Anna Louise Plowman is around 6.3 million US dollars, while her husband has about 5 million. 

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