Angela Macuga Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Angela Macuga is renowned as the third wife of Arthur Blank, sports magnate, and Home Depot founder. Apart from that, Angela is an American volunteer and philanthropist. Angela and Arthur married in 2016 and got divorced a few years later.

Angela’s Childhood, Education, and Early Life 

On the 14th of March, 1968, Angela Macuga was born. Her birthplace was in Brooks, Georgia, USA. She belongs to the white ethnic group, American by nationality. Pisces is her star sign. But, much to the disappointment of the readers, almost nothing is disclosed about her childhood. Nothing is known of her parents and whether she had any siblings or not. When it comes to Macuga’s life as a student, after completing his schooling, she enrolled herself at South Carolina University. From there, she earned herself a sales and marketing degree.

Macuga’s Career 

Although it was the marriage with sports magnate Arthur Blank, which made her famous, she had a successful business of her own. She was a graphic designing giant and made considerably big in that field. And to add to that, she was a regular member and worker for Boundless Company. This company is specialized to help small business firms to advertise and promote themselves towards growth. After marriage with Arthur, she left her job and became a philanthropist. 

Her Life before Arthur 

Her previous husband died of a terrible car accident as he was driving drunk and boozed. Macuga has three children from his late husband. The incident of his death steers Macuga, who establish an organization named MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), where she warns people of the hazards and dangers of drunk driving. 

Marriage and relationship with Arthur

In a high soccer game, the two of them met for the first time in 2012. Their relationship grew more robust and the couple decided to get married in the year 2016. However, the marriage doesn’t work well, and the two of them separated mutually, after two and a half years. The couple, before their divorce, had a daughter named Emily Macuga. Arthur had two marriages before Angela. Diana Blank was her first wife, and he had three children with her. After that, her second wife was Stephanie Blank, and they share three children. Angela was her third marriage.

Angela Macuga ex-husband, Arthur Blank

As we all know, Angela Macuga has information about his career, personal details, and many others. Now let us see about the information passed about an ex-husband who is famous in one of the periods. Arthur Blank was born on September 27, 1942, in the place of Sunnyside,

New York City in the USA. Arthur Blank is the son of Max Blank, and her mother is Molly. Next to him, Max Blank has a younger son who is named Michael. Arthur Blank went for his studies at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. Later then, he can be enrolled in his higher studies in New York City at Babson College.

Arthur Blank finished his higher studies in 1963 and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration after he was hired by Arthur Young and Company. In that company, he has served as a position of a senior accountant. His work for some of the years in that company, as mentioned earlier. Later, Arthur Blank was moved to the Daily Corporation. In that, he has reached a peak level position such as president of Elliott Drug Stores, which can be known as Stripe Discount Stores. For some years, Arthur Blank has left this field of position, and then later, he moved to the Handy Dan Home Improvement Centers. In this company, he has joined the position of vice president of finance cooperation. It can be continued for some years, and then Arthur Blank has been fired due to some of reasons which cannot be identified by any of the celebrity sites. In 1978, Arthur Blank was fired from that company.

Depot Home and Sports Teams

Along with Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank also started the home depot business, which can be quickly picked up, and the home business is very much improved. As a result, immediate work will be seen in the way of the naked eye that art is one of the billionaires in today’s world. Art has served as the company’s president for more than 19 years. This can be happened when Marcus retired, whereas Arthur Blank has been retired from his position of co-chairman in 2001. Following his retirement from the business co-chairman, Arthur Blank can be able to bring the National Football League (NFL), which is a Falcons Franchise, and also he is the owner for the Atlanta United of the Major League Soccer 2017 only can be started to operate. The team that has been founded is an expansion one.

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Personal Life of Arthur Blank

The third wife of Arthur Blank is Angela Macuga. Before the Arthur Blank to be get married. He had two marriages that failed. His first wife is Diana Latow, and he has three children. In

1993, they got a divorce, and then in 1995, he married Stephanie. Wray. The second wife of Arthur Blank is a designer at the Home Depot Store in the place of Atlanta. He also contains three children before they got a divorce in 2014. Arthur Blank is also known for philanthropic activities, and he has served as a chairman of the Arthur Blank Family Foundation and a member of it.

Net Worth of Angela and Arthur 

Angela’s wealth can be mentioned only estimated, as no data is available. The estimation says that Angela has a net worth of one million US dollars, and now she earns over 50,000 dollars annually. As her wealth suggests, Angela lives a lavish lifestyle with cars and houses readily owned and available. Besides that, she was married to Arthur Blank, a billionaire with a net worth of more than 4.5 billion dollars. She is also the owner of many profit-making football clubs, namely the Atlanta Falcons, which is worth 2 million dollars. Except for sports, he also spends millions of dollars in other fruitful business endeavors.

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