Andy Mauer Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early life

Andy Mauer is a guideline for fitness and a former doctor from the United States of America who specializes in chiropractic treatments. Before resigning, he worked as a chiropractor for about 16 years. In California, United States of America, Andy Mauer was born in the year 1965. He is American by nationality and by profession, a well-known chiropractor. He rose to prominence among the public since she is dating the founder of the news website named TMZ, Harvey Levin.

Childhood Days And Life As A Student 

He has raised in his hometown California by strictly catholic parents. His childhood is not so smooth because at a very early age he knew that he is homosexual. Expecting acceptance of this from his parents regarding him being gay was a farce, and he learned that his religion will not be by his side if this is the case. All these had thrown him to harsh depressing times and he started believing as a kid that nothing but the problem is actually with him and he needs to deal with it. 

Even in his hometown school where he studied, in California, he was often harassed and bullied and made fun of for how he used to talk, his looks, and his shyness. The other boys used to always taunt him as if being gay is something criminal or disgraceful. After getting over with his matriculation from that hometown school, Andy enrolled himself at the California University and completed his graduation in 1987. He had taken communications as his graduating subject.

Andy Career 

Southern California was the place where Andy launched his first own chiropractic care and goodness center. He is still working there and people know him as a doctor after he earned attention in South California and was soon featured in a magazine named, “Fitness & Muscles”. He is specialized in treating stress minimizing, headaches, and various disc injuries including back and neck pain. He, however, mostly focuses on working on women and sportsmen. Besides that, Andy is a fitness freak and loves to spend a lot of time in the gym and many sports-related magazines request him to write columns for them or be their cover page. In 2011, may Andy decided to quit his chiropractor job, and then he closed his office after 16 years. And then, he served as a TMZ celebrity as a tour producer for two years. IN January 2013, he took the position of the Head of Consumer Products in the field of Network when he was working at TMZ.

Andy can also start sharing his knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, bodybuilding, eating healthy food, etc. After two years, his hard work finally paid out, and he developed as a Director of Talent Acquisition. Rather than he would also like to express that the body’s fitness to the people to maintain our health is significant. He also posted many health magazines and sports tips like “Muscles and Fitness,” which will be helpful for most of the developing people in the united states.

Andy Mauer TMZ and chiropractor

Andy Mauer started his first professional career as a single-handed chiropractor, which means he did not get any help from any relatives or other friends to create or open his chiropractic wellness center. !6 years of job services were quieted by Andy Mauer to join his wife carrier of Harvey Levin at TMZ, the best entertainment website in America. At present, Andy Mauer is working at TMZ as the director of talent acquisition. 

Love Of His Life: Harvey Levin 

It was interesting as Harvey first met Andy as he went to his center to attain an appointment he made. Harvey didn’t recognize himself as homosexual at that time but the bonding between them grew and they began to date each other in the late 90s. Harvey was a popular TV actor and personality at the time he met Andy. They are in a happy and healthy relationship for about two decades now. Harvey always dated someone of the opposite gender, a woman since teenage days before meeting Andy. But later, he realized that he was gay. By the year 2010, he became for event speaker for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, and then he came out as gay. In the same year, he retrieved that they had been relationship for above ten years. Although the couple did not get married, they have been seen together in different places and attended various events with combined formation. Also, they can share some of their properties between them. Even though they are not get married, they became an original couple.

Looks And Net Worth 

Andy is now a 56 years old man with blue eyes and short brownish hair. His height and weight respectively are 5ft 8ins (172cm) and 156lbs (71kgs). Andyr accumulated net worth is about 1 million US dollars while it is 15 million for Harvey’s. Andy Harvey served as a doctor for many years, and now he is n director of Talent Acquisition. Foundation at TMZ. He can turn over around 120 thousand dollars annually, and his net worth is about 1.5 million. Moving toward his long-term partner Harvey Levin’s net worth is about 20 million dollars. When coming to his annual income is around 5 million dollars. HE can earn this large amount only when he is successful in his carrier, such as a reporter, legal analyst, a great American television producer, etc. 

Andy and Harveys House

Andy and his partner are currently living in a magnificent house in Hollywood Hills West. According to their sources, the value of the home can reach about 5.3 million dollars in the year of 2013, and then it can be lowered to 3.95 million dollars in the year of 2015. In 1998 TV producer paid about 950 thousand dollars for that home which consisted of three thousand square feet. The house contains three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a step-down living room.                                           

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