Andrea Bock Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Andrea Bock took birth in Atlanta, located in the state of Georgia in the United States of America, on October 19th 1964. Her date and place of birth confirm that her zodiac sign is Libra, and her nationality is American. Andrea was not that well-known a face before but came under spotlights soon after she started the renowned carpenter, Ty Pennington, the sole star of the reality television show named “Trader Places” by the Learning Channel. 

Childhood And Life As A Student 

Her parents brought up Andrea in her hometown Atlanta and there she soent almost all of her childhood. She had gone to Sprayberry School for her schooling and then enrolled herself at the State University of Kennesaw after matriculating. 

After a year, she left Kennesaw College and enrolled at Savannah Art and Design College and, in 1986, graduated out of it, taking theatre arts as her subject. She dreamt of being an actress since childhood’s hour, and since 1971 she has been taking regular acting classes and courses. 


Ty Pennington was the one who had Andrea with her very first job ever, as she was taken as his assistant while working for the television reality show named “Trader Places”, and even after that, Andrea continued to help Ty in his subsequent career endeavours and other shows, which includes “American Dinner Revived”. Andrea Bock also has more interest in the film industry so that she can appear in the film industry as an actor. Andrea Bock always used to watch her favorite actresses, such as Tom Hanks, Brace Willis, and Anne Hathaway. Andrea Bock likes to watch some of films, making his favorite films The Last Samurai, One Day, and The Terminal. Andrea Bock is an animal lover, so she has many pets in her house before the year. At the current time, she has a pet which is named German Spitz. Andrea Bock is like his partner or boyfriend, who donates some money to charity. Ty is the spouse of Andrea Bock, and he is a various process, such as an author, former actress and model, carpenter, television personality, and philanthropist.

Ty has an interest in the field of carpentry at an early stage. Late r only he becomes a model at Kennesaw at his early stage. More than that, he also worked as a printer which meant printing for Sprite drinks and swatch watches, and then he appeared through the Coca-Cola, Levi’s, and Bayer ads on television. He can take a leave or vacation to the globe through his modelling career. Beyond visiting all the places, his favorite one is Japan, Italy, and Germany.

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Relationship With Partner Ty 

Ty and Andrea have known each other and started dating in 1996, but it was kept a top-notch secret by them until the year 1997. Since then, they have been living together for decades, showing no marriage traces or having children or two of their own. Still, according to refreshed sources, it is assumed that the couple is eventually engaged with each other. The couple resides in Ty’s place, located in Venice Beach, a place in California. 

It has been a long time, on November 26th 2016, the couple were traced together in public in the city of Miami, located in the state of Florida, during the auspicious occasion of Christmas Thanksgiving. 

Soon after that, rumours spread like wildfire that the couple might have given up the relationship and they are on the verge of a breakup, but soon it was redeemed to be all false information.

Living Style of Bock

 Andrea Bock’s career is most important topics in one of the most important topics on the celebrity side, which gives more relevant news in their portal lines as she covered many of the TV programs with her boyfriend, Ty Pennington. Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington are both of them who love traveling or, to be said, mad about travel. They can travel to all the places in the United States, including the favorite destination of Andrea Bock, which is Miami. Andrea Bock has enjoyed his time by spending his time in the part of sipping drinks and tanning her skin on the beach. This is the main reason for Andrea Bock to love the summer season. Andrea Bock has enjoyed reading the books, and a novel which is most favorite of two in that one is “Where the crawdads Sing,” which can be written by the author Delia Owens and another one is” The Tattooist of Auschwitz,” this can be written by the author Heather Morris, these type of possibility can be done in her free time.

Hobbies, In Brief, Net Worth and Appearance 

Apart from being a fan of watching cinema, she loves to travel, especially all over the USA. In her leisure time, she spends it mainly by reading books. Andrea is an animal lover and had several pet dogs over the years. She donates a lot, being a philanthropist, along with her husband. 

She is a woman of 56 with brown eyes and blonde hair. Her height and weight consecutively are 5ft 6ins (167cm) and 125lbs (57kgs). 

Her total wealth is around 500,000 US dollars, while her husband has almost 20 times more net worth than her, an estimated 10 million US dollars. By the year 2023, the net worth of Andrea Bock is more than 10 million dollars. This is half of the source of his income; most of the source details are unavailable. On the other hand, Andrea Bock boyfriend is a multi-talented personality whose assets reach more sizable financial worth with several kinds of vocations or any other. According to some of the reports in the Television media, there is an estimated level net worth is about 12 million dollars. Moreover, her boyfriend Ty Pennington owns a beautiful structured home that looks like a big mansion with more than a billion worth. The square foot of this home is about 2200, with three bedrooms with 1924 styles. More than that, her boyfriend earns an amount in every episode worth amount of 75,000 dollars which gives an extreme look to the home edition projects.

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