Andra Day Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Cassandra Monique Batie is popularly recognized as Andra Day. She is an outstanding singer and songwriter based in California. She is also an actress that has made her first debut album in 2015 entitled Cheers to the Fall that was peaked in US Billboard 200. Her debut was also nominated for Grammy Awards as Best R&B Album. She also appeared in an Apple TV ad in 2015, and in the following year, she started her ‘Cheers to the Fall’ Tour.

In 2021, Andra got the opportunity to portray Billie Holiday in a biopic. For her outstanding performance in the biopic titled the United States vs. Billie Holiday, she won Golden Globe Award as best actress. She stunned everyone with her appearances in many films and on television as well. Her musical journey was also commendable as all her concerts and tours turned out fruitful, which made her gain name and fame.

Early Life

Andra Day was born in 1984 on 30th Dec in Spokane, Washington. There are no such details about her family members. When Andra turned 3, she shifted to Southern California along with her family. It is found that her parents are quite religious as she visited Church daily. Andra’s voice was so melodious that she was given an opening to sing at churches. People admired her for her marvelous voice and singing abilities.

The physical appearance of Andra Day

She wears a range of hues, including black, to hide the fact that her natural hair colour is dark brown or black, as is the case with Andra’s hair. Day has eyes that are a light brown colour. She stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall, and her body mass index is 62 kilograms. With her beautiful figure, she has all the makings of a potential fashion model. As a result, while she is singing, she gives off the impression of being a fantastic singer and a character.

Career Beginnings

At a very young age, Andra grew her interest in dance and started attending dance classes. She completed her studies at Valencia Park School. At her school, she becomes famous, and she was introduced to some very popular jazz vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, and Billie Holiday. All the vocalists were stunned to see the singing abilities of Andra and recommended she to enter into the music industry and make her career in music.

Andra completed her graduate studies from the School of Performing and Creative Arts, San Diego, in 2013. She is a talented girl, and the music industry has wholeheartedly accepted her as get got several projects.  After graduating from high school, she pursued several other paths, but she eventually found her way back to the entertainment industry. She had a talent for singing and used to utilise it to keep the children amused. Additionally, this man has experience in the singing industry. One day, his wife overheard her singing in Maal, and she was delighted. His wife was the one who brought Andra into his life.

Andra was successful in obtaining a management contract in 2011, thanks in large part to the assistance of Jeffrey Iowans. She originally came to the public’s notice after posting videos of herself singing cover songs on YouTube, which she had videotaped herself doing in her sister’s bedroom. When Andra was first introduced to the public, it was during the Sundas Film Festival in 2014. Spike Lee, who directed the movie, saw her at that location. During her performances in 2015, she received the curtain call at the Olympic Games.

Andra was a guest on the morning show “Good Morning, America,” which aired on television. She demonstrated her musical prowess in a Netflix documentary about her life. Her first album was made available to the public on August 28th, 2015, on her website. This album has received a flood of praise from the general public. As a result, the record was considered for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Record. The “Rise Up” album was awarded the Grammy for best gospel album the same year (2016).

Personal Life

Andra has a beautiful and seductive appearance, and she has been romantically engaged will many handsome men in the music industry. Also, there were many rumors as she has been linked with many stunning handsome men, but she confirmed her relationship with Don Dowie. She hasn’t married anyone yet, and people are waiting for her engagement or wedding. People and media want to know about her relationship as she is such a stunner.

Get to meet Andra Day on social media

On the contrary, @Andra Day has 816 thousand people subscribed to her channel on YouTube. According to reports, her monthly income ranges from $1,100 to $17,600, between $13,200 and $210,900 annually. SocialBlade provides this information at no cost to you. Her official Instagram account has more than 397 thousand followers, which is a testament to the fact that she is very famous on that platform. Because of this, the price she asks for each Instagram post might range from $1,500 to $2,500. 

Interesting facts about Andra Day

  • In 2011, she signed a development deal with Buskin Records and became a member of the label’s roster.
  • At the early age of five, she took dance classes for the first time.
  • In 2016, McDonald’s mugs with her picture were popular and sold millions.

The Net Worth details of Andra Day

Andra has grown up in a very low-income family and faced many ups and downs in her early life. She struggled by working at various jobs but choose music as her income source. Andra Day can maintain a high standard of life because of her career as a professional singer and actress. Andra started as a cover singer on YouTube, but in the ten years that have passed since then, she has established herself as a successful singer nominated for Grammys and an outstanding actress. The vast bulk of her wealth comes from her many music contracts, records, and film appearances throughout her career. She is believed to have a net worth of more than $4 million. 

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