Alice Matos Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In Florianopolis, a place located in Brazil, Alice Matos took birth on March 24th, 1985. Her nationality is Brazilian for obvious birthplace reasons, and her date of birth shows her zodiac sign is Aries. She is a famous personality for her a pretty great career as a fitness trainer and model, alongside being an Instagram sensation.

Early Days And Educational Background

Alice’s parents were all anyway related to sports, so it is from them she gained her interest in body fitness and training stuff. She was the only child of her parents and had no siblings. She played several sports, such as soccer and volleyball but did not pursue it as her career. She had been quite an attractive woman, but she wanted to shape it do even better.

Alice’s Love Life And Relationship status

She always prefers to keep these things absolutely to herself. Rumors began to regarding her dating a gym guy in the year 2014 as both of them were practicing for their upcoming fitness competitions, and in no time, they were more than just friends. They dated for a year, but they broke up when Alice left competing anymore. Now, it is being believed that she is dating a popular YouTuber.

The professional details of Alice Matos

Alice worked several occupations throughout her life, but she was never able to find one that she enjoyed doing, and she never committed to a certain line of work. After turning 25, Alice found out about the fitness models on Instagram and immediately felt embarrassed about her own body. After coming to this insight, she made significant changes to the way she lived daily. She signed up for a membership at a fitness centre in 2010, and since then, she has been going there five times a week for her workouts and paying the required amount.

Although Alice’s initial objective was merely to enhance her physical appearance and boost her self-esteem, she eventually discovered that she enjoyed working out so much that she competed in fitness competitions. This was a departure from her original goal, simply improving her physical appearance. Her first competition was the Arnold Classic in Ohio in 2011, and even though she did not perform very well there, the experience nevertheless motivated her to work more.

She participated in the Arnold Classic in 2012, where she finished in sixth place, as well as the IFBB Brazilian Championship in 2012, where she finished in fifth place. Alice’s dream came true in 2015 when she won the IFBB-SC Catarinense Championship. This achievement had been a longtime goal of hers. She had reached a point in her life when she was happy with her profession as a fitness competitor and decided to shift her focus to being a fitness model instead. She was able to get a contract with a big modelling agency in Brazil, and since then, she has been featured in advertisements for bikini lines and other well-known fashion brands, in addition to appearing on the covers of numerous notable fitness journals. Alice may now call herself the ecstatic owner of her fashion business, which goes by the name Labellamafia.

Alice Matos’s Lifestyle on Instagram

She also has an Instagram account, on which she posts images of herself engaging in various forms of physical activity while clad in various costumes. She has a sincere interest in teaching bodybuilding to a wide variety of people who are interested in fitness all around the world. In addition to this, she has millions of followers across the board on all of the most popular social networking sites. Alice has motivated others in different parts of the world to exercise more and lead better lives due to her example.

Alice Matos’s Health and Fitness Routines

Alice goes to the gym thrice a week for six hours, and during each session, she does each workout set 15 times. Alice spends Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays working on her lower body, while she spends Tuesdays and Thursdays working on her upper body. On the weekends, she likes to relax, but she also likes to play sports. In addition to it, she is a Muay Thai fighter. Alice eats six times daily to provide herself with the energy she needs for her exercises. Because she is so dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle, she will not consume anything containing sugar, and she never consumes fast food or anything else with excessive fat. Most of her diet consists of things like eggs, chicken breast, pasta, vegetables, and fruits, and she supplements her protein consumption with things like glutamine, whey protein, and casein protein.

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Hobbies and Interests of Alice Matos

In spite of appearances to the contrary, Alice’s interests include a great deal more than simply going to the gym and posing for pictures. Alice loves to spend her free time in natural settings like woods, beaches, and coastlines, and she often goes camping and trekking with her closest friends. She also likes to cook over an open fire. Even though she is a fervent supporter of efforts to save endangered animals, she has never had a dog or cat as a pet since she just does not have the time necessary to provide the necessary level of care for one. Even though she does not consider herself a “party girl,” she enjoys spending time with her friends at local bars and clubs. Alice’s passion for physical activity is as strong as ever, as shown by the fact that she continues to take two boxing classes each week and train in martial arts.

Appearance And Wealth

Alice has brown colored hair and eyes. Her height and weight sequentially are 5ft 2ins and 54kgs, with attractive vital statistics of 35-25-37.  Alice Matos is a fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, and Instagram star. She is predicted to have a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2023. If she continues to achieve the same level of success that she has, her fortune will continue to grow for the next several years.

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