Alan van Sprang Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Alan van Sprang’s profession is acting, and he is the most distinguished actor in Canada. Majorly, Alan van received his acting prominence from The Tudors, a drama TV series, and his other most known horror movie was Survival of the Dead. 

Childhood and Education of Alan van Sprang 

Alan van Sprang’s place of birth is Alberta, Calgary that is in Canada country. In the year 1971 and June of 19th, Alan van was born.

When Alan got the certificate of his high school, then Alan improved his expertise and went to the College of Mount Royal and which is a college of arts, music, and speech located in Calgary. From here, Alan Van, in the year 1992, qualified for his graduation. 

The career of Alan Van

When it is about Alan Van’s career, during a year of the 90s, Alan acted in several TV series, and some of Alan’s best-known series on TV include Earth, Viper, Robin Hoods (1994), Narc, and more. Alan Van worked in movies are like 11 Camera, Saw III, etc. Alan Van’s career started in the mid of ’90s in TV series such as “Robin Hoods” in the year of 1994 and, after that, “Viper” in the year of 1997. He acts as a couple of minors in these TV series. Alan Van joined the cast for some of the TV which is action drama series entitled “Earth: Final Conflict” in the year 2001. Then after that, he was also committed in another crime drama film which is named “Narc.” in the year 2002, he committed the narc, which can be portrayed by Michael Calvess and starred Jason Patric, Chi Mc Bride, Ray Liotta, etc.

After a few years, Alan Van has struggled to obtain a significant role in future projects. When Alan Van faced many struggles in the TV series, he made her role of appearance as much brief in such projects, namely “Evel Knievel,” which was released in the year 2004, and the role of Brubaker in the horror film which is entitled “Land of the Dead” which is in the year of 2005. By 2006, only Alan Van had secured his leading role in the TV drama series, which is short series named “11 Cameras” At the same time; he also appeared in the horror and thriller film “Saw III.” In this, Alan Van has starred in the role of Tobin Bell, Angus Macfadyen, and Shawnee Smith.

Move To Fame 

Alan van acted a role in The Best Years TV series, The Tudors, etc. Alan’s incredible acting was shown in a horror movie name was Survival of the Deadimprovement. 

His other drama series on TV was a King, Reign, a comedy movie was name is Cheerleader Death Squad, and like this, Alan Van played many different roles in films and TV series.In his career, Alan Van saw improvement in the following year as he played her first Lee Campbell in the film name “The Best Years” in the year 2007 TV series. Then he got a role to play his better career as Sir France Bryan in the title film” The Tudors” in the TV series which is happening in the year 2009. Alan Van’s outstanding role in The Tudors brought them a great opportunity, and then he starred in the horror film which is entitled Survival of the Dead improvement that same year.

In 2011, Alan Van became a very busy man in the TV series industry. By that time, he had starred in the TV crime drama series entitled “King, “and after two, Alan Van started to act as role as Henry de Valois in the TV series which can be named “Reign.” Alan Van reached his award-winning series until the year of 2015, with 25 episodes, which made him much popular in that period. In 2015 Alan Van had a leading role in the film “Cheerleader Death Squad,” which is an action comedy adventure film that starred Gia Mantegna and Abbie Cobb.

Present Role of Alan Van 

Alan Van, at this time, acting is a thriller movie that name is Tainted. This movie is under post-production, and all will be waiting for this film to show in a theatre soon. Alan Van has another gain able role as Valentine Morgenstern in TV from the year 2016 to 2018. In the series “Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments,” Alan Van has more appearances in 25 episodes. In 2019 Alan Van starred a new role as he joined “Star Trek: Discovery,” which has eight episodes. This may take part in the award-winning series and may increase Alan Van’s popularity. And then Alan Van has been currently participating in many TV series for her future developments.

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Personal Life and Marriage of Alan van Sprang

In the 2000 year, Alan van was in a relationship with one of the choreographers and was an actress as well, and her name is Sarah Robichaud and from Sarah and Alan Van has one son who took birth in the year 2002. 

After spending some years together, Alan and Sarah separated. But after that, Alan again came to a relationship with a woman name is Sarah Jarvis, and in the year 2018, they finally broke up. From that time onwards, now Alan Van has a budding relationship and affair with Gabriella de la Torre, Gabriella most known acted in the film How To Fall, but there is no future ahead announced. 

Alan Van always exists in the Instagram account and posts his images or photos with friends and girlfriends. 

Physical Appearance and Net Worth of Alan van Sprang, Height

Alan Van’s net worth can be get increased because of that he has been growing significantly from the year 2022 to the year 2023. The statistics say Alan Van’s net worth is recorded above $1 million, and this net worth presented in 2020. Alan van Sprang has his height with having tall 6ft 1in (1.85m), and weight stands 176lbs ~ 80kgs. Alan Van’s hair deep blond color, and his eyes look brunette.

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