Aimee Carrero Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Aimee is a very popular actress in America, and she started her acting career long back. She was born on 15th July 1988 and was born with a bad sign of cancer. She is 32 years old and was born in the Dominican Republic. As she is not very old, she is very popular among youngsters. It is also her look that attracts a lot of young followers towards her social media handles. She was not so popular at the beginning of her career, but as soon as she worked for Netflix in a series, as an enemy character, she got popularity.

More about Aimee Carrero

Aimee is a very popular American actress, and she got fame after her enemy voice character. It was also the 2015 movie named the last witch Hunter that got her popularity as she played a good role in that movie. July 15 was her birth date in Santo Domingo, and the name of her mother is Marie Josefina. The name of her father is Puerto Rican. She was not brought up there as she spent her childhood in Florida. Aimee Carrero also has a younger brother called Rodney Gabriel, and she completed her graduation from Florida International University in the field of international relations.

A career as an actress

In the beginning, she was not a character but provided her voice for various animation characters. There are a couple of series in which she was featured, and a great movie that she did in 2019 was Alvin & the chipmunks. Between 2011 and 2013, she was starting a Cartoon Network film level up and did two seasons of that movie. In 2012, she also took a movie named Blue Lagoon, and this also got her a lot of fame. Like the ones mentioned above, there are several other movies as well in which she provided her voice, like the character of Elena in Elena of Avalor. This was a movie by Disney, which became very popular, and she was giving her voice to the lead role and got popularity.

Features in music videos

Aimee Carrero told in several interviews that she likes to stay in power. It is the result of her passion that she got empowerment and appeared in several music videos like MyTime. This music video was in the voice of Princess Elena and had a theme of Latin music. Another most important and popular video in which she gave her voice was Sister Time, and it became very popular in Hollywood. Aimee Carrero Is engaged to movie actor Tim rock since November 2015, and they both are married since August 20, 2016. They both married in Puerto Plata and stayed in a private affair for a very long time.

Beyond the Screen: Aimee Carrero’s Career Path

It was revealed on that Aimee would be playing a role in the 2017 off-Broadway production of The Portuguese Kid. According to, Carrero participated in the off-Broadway production of What Rhymes With America 2012. During that time, Carrero was a member of the cast. Acting is a challenging job, but acting on stage is another level of difficulty. The fact that Aimee has worked in cinema, television, and on Broadway demonstrates that she is more than capable of playing any part that may be asked of her. As a result of her several occupations, Aimee Carrero’s riches have been the subject of some very interesting conjecture.

Awards and Nominations of Aimee Carrero

Since 2013, Aimee has been considered for several nominations for various prizes. These awards span from best television actress to best supporting actress for several categories of female performers. 

  • The Voice Actors Guild has announced the finalists for the Best Female Lead Vocal Performance award in a Television Series for the 2018 season.
  • The 2018 Cinema on the Edge Independent Film Festival’s Best Actress Award winner.
  • Outstanding Debut Performance will be recognised with a medal at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2022.

A successful actor may benefit from nominations and awards by being offered more roles and compensation. 

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Personal details of Aimee Carrero

Reports are going around that Aimee Carrero married the actor Tim Rock who had been dating her. In November 2015, the couple exchanged engagement rings, and their wedding occurred in August of the following year. Their wedding celebration was held in the posh Italian restaurant Casa Tua, which served as the location. Even though they’ve been married for some time, the pair has no children. The couple is having fun together as a married couple without being concerned about how the general public views them in light of divorce reports or extramarital activities. The conclusion of Aimee’s past relationships may be found here.

Interesting Facts about Aimee Carrero

  • Aimee’s career in the performing arts had its start when she was just 14 years old.
  • Aimee accomplished all of the requirements for her degree in only two years and was awarded the “magna cum laude” honour.
  • The Fast and the Furious franchise star Vin Diesel appeared with her in the film The Last Witch Hunter.
  • She thought about enrolling in law school and working as a lawyer, but ultimately, she decided to follow her longtime love of acting rather than pursue a legal career.

Aimee Carrero on social media

Aimee is one of the numerous celebrities of the present day who recognise the need to maintain an active presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram to communicate with their fans. She now has 295,000 followers on Instagram and 136,000 followers on Twitter. Suppose her social media following isn’t already assisting her financially. In that case, it likely will soon as she is presented to and made familiar with new fans through these platforms.

Net worth

The net worth of Aimee Carrero is standing at US$5 million, which is not less at all at a very young age. She is getting her income from an acting and also from the Instagram promotions she does continuously. She can easily earn $100,000 every month from the cartoon series. The basic charge that she takes for one episode is $20,000-$40,000 and can easily make US$1 million per year.       

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